Modus 3 DVB-T/H
Modus 3 provides the ability to generate DVB-T/H RF
signals in the VHF, UHF and L Bands. Transport streams are
stored in CF Cards or Flash hard disk and can be
played out as RF, I/Q or ASI signals.
Digital TV
RF signal Sources & IP to RF Transmitters
Modus 4 DVB-S/S2
Modus 4 is a DVB-S/S2 RF signal generator designed to provide emulation of the output
signal from the satellite receiver LNB. ASI input and outputs are provided as well as RF
and I/Q signals.
Modus 6 DVB-T/T2 & Analogue TV
Modus 6 provides a multi standard RF signal generator which supports:
Radius  4 / 5 DVB-T/H & IP Transmitters
The CellMetric Radius 5 DVB-T/H Transmitter is designed to provide cost effective, easy to
install and easy to operate DVB-T/H digital transmission for broadcasters and cellular
network operators. The Radius 5 base station is designed for rural coverage, infill
coverage, local coverage in public buildings, tube stations, sports events and emergency
transmission scenarios. 
DVB Composer TS Multiplexer
DVB Composer provides offline Transport Stream generation for the Modus
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